Senior Preschool

3.5 to 4 years of age


Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:8


“Junior 2 Room”


Building upon the skills developed in the junior preschool room, the senior preschool program further challenges children to expand their learning experiences and prepare for Kindergarten. Our program provides a rich classroom environment where children are challenged to learn and explore new concepts. Language, writing, and problem-solving skills are encouraged through carefully programmed activities and one-on-one learning with their teachers. Group activities are programmed to help your child develop positive peer relationships and engage in meaningful relationships with their friends and teachers.


Program Features


– Curriculum focuses on all the important areas of preschool development which prepares children for success in Kindergarten.
– Weekly thematic programs encourage exploration, self-direction, and confidence.
– Hands-on learning experiences encourage children to think critically, develop problem-solving skills and practice primary mathematic and writing skills.
– Engaging circle times promote group learning, active participation, and cooperation.
– Large outdoor play area provided to promote the development of large motor skills and physical activity.
– Our teachers provide plenty of individual attention to support your child’s unique needs and are available to discuss their day and progress any time.

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